Skills And Experience

Over 20 years experience boatbuilding and repair.

Project evaluation and estimates.

Very competitive rates, significantly lower than major shops.

Do great marine photography (I am a retired advertising photographer).
Fiberglass boat repair.
Epoxy composite boatbuilding and repair.
Woodenboat  building, repair and restoration.
Sailboats or motor boats.
Stitch and glue boat-building or repair.
Restoration of wood elements (tabletops, bulkheads, trim etc).
Restore or rebuild. 
Refinish wood elements.
Rot removal and repair.
Prep, prime, paint and/or varnish work.
Non-skid application (Kiwigrip, paint, etc)
Electrical wiring work (some)  (no engine work). 

Rod Brink  214-708-8711